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Sadie Marie Jones - My Heart

Owner Maggie would like to share her beautiful and cherished memories of Sadie Marie Jones, her beloved Siberian Husky. Read on:

Maggie with Sadie||||

I lost my dear Sadie in October 2008. She was a dog that I fostered for Siberian Husky rescue when I first moved to Dallas in 2001 and I decided she found her home. She was the most trusting, loving, spirited dog I had ever met. She mothered kittens I cared for, she sheltered puppies that I bottle fed. She took care of our pack as if she was everyone's mother and caregiver. She always let Noah eat first and she was a loyal companion and beloved pet for many years.

She was diagnosed with Stage 5 Lymphoma at the age of 6. She underwent 6 months of chemotherapy and her cancer went in remission and I had hoped it to never come back. About 7 short months after chemo her cancer returned and she died 4 months after that. I think of her often and with a smile and a tear. I want to dedicate this company and my services to other people's beloved pets in her honor.

I dedicate this adventure to my beloved Sadie who always mothered, nurtured, and loved everyone who crossed her path. She battled lymphoma for 2 years.

Sadie Marie Jones 2000-2008

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